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Sweden's government is a unitary parliamentary representative democracy under a constitutional monarchy. The Monarch is run by King Carl XVI Gustaf. 7. 2 million people living in Sweden are under the age of 18. 8. Moose, lynx, bears and wolves can be found in the wild throughout Sweden The government rules Sweden by implementing the decisions of the parliament and by formulating new laws or law amendments, on which the parliament decides. The government is assisted in this task by the Government Offices and the Swedish government agencies (345 in total, as of 2018) 10 Interesting Facts About Sweden. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on August 15 2019 in World Facts. Houses in Lund, Sweden. Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in Northern Europe. In addition to its high quality of life and per capita income, Sweden has a robust social welfare system and provides a strong protection of civil liberties Government of Sweden . Today, Sweden's government is considered a constitutional monarchy and its official name is the Kingdom of Sweden. It has an executive branch made of a chief of state (King Carl XVI Gustaf) and a head of government, which is filled by the prime minister

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Here are the top ten surprising facts about Sweden that you must know if you plan to visit that beautiful country or you love to know about world countries.. Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden. Krona is the official currency of Sweden. Official language of Sweden is Swedish but there are five other languages that declared official in Sweden Sweden's government pursued an independent course of nonalignment in times of peace so that neutrality would be possible in the event of war. Sweden's doctrine of neutrality is often traced back to the 19th century as the country has not been in a state of war since the end of the Swedish campaign against Norway in 1814 Top 28 Fun and Interesting Facts About Sweden. Sweden has a 13 th-century town Gamla Stan, which is set on the islands that are joined by ferries and bridges. Sweden's population is 9.2 million, and approximately 85% of it resides in urban areas. 22% of Sweden's population lives in the capital city of Stockholm

Sweden, country located on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. It occupies the greater part of the peninsula, which it shares with Norway. The land slopes gently from the high mountains along the Norwegian frontier eastward to the Baltic Sea. Sweden's capital and largest city is Stockholm Capital: Stockholm Population: 10 million, about 0.13 per cent of the world's population Life expectancy: Men 80.1 years, women 83.7 years Foreign-born inhabitants: 16 per cent Religion: The Church of Sweden is Evangelical Lutheran. There are also many other religions and denominations; Language: Swedish Form of government: Constitutional monarchy, with parliamentary democrac Here are 40 Interesting Sweden facts. 1-5 Sweden Facts 1. Sweden is so good at recycling that it has run out of rubbish and imports 80,000 tons a year from Norway. - Source 2. After Norway banned Lif Sweden is in the geographical region known as Scandinavia in northern Europe

Impress your friends and family with these unique, quirky facts about Norway's close neighbours, Sweden. For many outside the region, Norway and Sweden are one and the same. While the two Scandinavian countries do share a lot of history, culture, and closely related languages, there are also some key differences. Today we look at some.. Sweden Facts for Kids. Learn some interesting information about Sweden while enjoying a range of fun facts and trivia that's perfect for kids! Read about Sweden's major cities, its language, companies, history, landscapes, favorite sports and much more Sweden is in the midst of a sustained economic upswing, boosted by increased domestic demand and strong exports. This and robust finances have offered the center-right government considerable scope to implement its reform program aimed at increasing employment, reducing welfare dependence, and streamlining the state's role in the economy Sweden - Sweden - Political process: All citizens of Sweden who are 18 years of age or older may vote in elections. Members of the parliament must be Swedish citizens and of voting age. Representation by party is in strict proportion to the national vote. A quota rule excludes parties with less than 4 percent of the national vote or 12 percent of the votes in at least one electoral district

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  1. ent, the lechuguila species created a deadly obstacle for those who were exploring the southwest by ways of horses, because when riding, the leaves which were very sharp would puncture the horses' legs
  2. Learn more about the Sweden economy, including the population of Sweden, GDP, facts, trade, business, inflation and other data and analysis on its economy from the Index of Economic Freedom.
  3. Amusing facts about Sweden, Swedish Culture, and Swedish Governance, compiled by an American. As of 2004 you can pay your Swedish taxes by sending an SMS message from your cell phone. The government sends you a completely filled out tax form and if it looks good you just go online and click okay to pay your taxes
  4. This can easily be explained by the fact that Swedes spend a lot of time outdoors during winter and this is necessary to not drag in dirt. This can also be seen as a sign of respect to the home. In any case, taking your shoes off when entering someones home in Sweden is obligatory. 11. It gets cold and dark during winter in Sweden
  5. Sweden has its own mood and indescribable flavor. Only those who have been in this country will be able to truly appreciate all the beauty, experience Swedish hospitality and good attitude. Interesting facts about the country will help to better understand its mentality and distinctive features
  6. If you're planning a trip to Sweden, it might be helpful to know a few interesting facts about living in the country before your visit. The population of Sweden is around 10 million people and the Northern European country is fascinating with a lot to offer when it comes to delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes and relaxing culture

May 21st, 2015 ACEI recently offered a training webinar on Sweden and it's education system, with particular focus on upper secondary (high school) education. We thought in this week's blog we share with you a few interesting facts we gathered in our research on Sweden. Geography & Population • Population is 9.7 million people The Government of the Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sveriges regering) is the national cabinet and the supreme executive authority of Sweden.The short-form name Regeringen (the Government) is used both in the Basic Laws of Sweden and in the vernacular, while the long-form is only used in international treaties Interesting Facts about Sweden. Advertising to children under the age of 12 is illegal in Sweden. Swedish people recycle so much that the Waste-to-Power plants actually import waste from Norway. Swedish parents are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave when a child is born or adopted Sweden is one of the best Scandinavian city for a holiday, these interesting facts about Sweden gives you more reasons to book the next flight to Sweden for your upcoming holidays

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  1. Interesting Facts about Sweden Sweden is actually the 3rd largest European Union country after France and Spain!! In 2006 Swedish people had the longest life expectancy in Europe (80.51 years)
  2. tag Sweden is a small country located in the north of Europe. Along with neighboring countries, it is considered one of the most prosperous, and for good reason - the standard of living here is really very high, as, indeed, prices..
  3. Infoplease has everything you need to know about Sweden. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about Sweden's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. If that's not enough, click over to our collection of world maps and flags
  4. Interesting Facts about Sweden Map of Sweden: Constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy are the forms of Government. The Riksdag, which is the national legislative assembly of Sweden consists of 349 members in one chamber. National flag of Sweden: Swedish krona.

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8 Facts About Education in Sweden. The Swedish educational system is decentralized. The federal government grants localities autonomy in designing the course curriculum. However, the federal government sets standardized goals and objectives for Swedish localities to follow. Education in Sweden is divided into four levels of schooling 8 Interesting Facts About Sweden And Social Media from the Influential Marketing Blog by Rohit Bhargava. The first thing you are likely to find when researching Sweden online is the extremely useful official government portal site - www.sweden.se 1-5 Interesting Declassified Government Secrets 1. Cat bomb : During World War 2, US Office of Strategic Services decided that the best way to ensure that their bombs reached the intended naval targets was to strap them to cats and drop the cats from planes with parachutes

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  1. Based on total area, Sweden is the third largest country in Europe - its population density is relatively low, however, and in 2017, it was estimated that only about 10.18 million people lived in.
  2. Interesting Sweden Facts: Sweden encompasses an area of 173,745 square miles. Sweden covers the eastern region of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Sweden is the fourth largest European country, and the third largest in the European Union, following France and Spain. The capital city of Sweden is Stockholm. This is also Sweden's largest city
  3. Sweden is counted amongst the most visited countries in the world today. To help tourists explore the country, we have provided a number of fun and interesting facts about it here
  4. Facts about the Three Branches of Government 3: the common model. The common model of three branches of government is spotted based on the trias politica. See Also: 10 Facts about Russia's Goverment. Facts about the Three Branches of Government 4: separation of power in Australia. The separation of power is also present in Australia
  5. ent, the lechuguila species created a deadly obstacle for those who were exploring the southwest by ways of horses, because when riding, the leaves which were very sharp would puncture the horses' legs. (Interesting Fact) A reference to the fire sid
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  1. Famous ancient reconstructed vasa vessel in Stockholm, Sweden. 23. On Easter, children dress up as witches and go trick-or-treating.. 24. The first ice hotel of the world was built near the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.. 25. Sweden has a long and interesting history, magnificent architecture, friendly people, and stunning landscape make it one of the countries in the world one can never.
  2. Fact 1: The population of Sweden is 9.2 million. The urban population of Sweden is almost 85 %. Fact 2: A popular souvenir is the road sign for moose-crossing. Every year a huge number of these signs are stolen from Swedish roads. Fact 3: Between 1850 and 1910 more than one million Swedes migrated to the USA
  3. FUN FACT #1: It was once green. If your first thought about Greenland was, 'Why is it even called Green?', well that is an excellent question.The majority of the land is covered in ice. The name is said to have been given by Erik the Red, who settled there in the 900s after being exiled from Iceland for murder.Some say he gave that name as a kind of medieval marketing, hoping to get more.
  4. Elisha Sawe on August 20 2018 in World Facts. Thailand is one of the most popular countries in the world for travelers. Thailand is located in the central region of the Indochinese peninsula in southeast Asia. It covers an area of 198,120 square miles
  5. 20 interesting facts about Niue Tiny country Niue is located on the island of the same name in the Pacific ocean. It won't be easy to find it on the map without some help, so it is not surprising that most people on Earth have not even heard of Niue

Interesting Facts About Germany. Germany exports more goods than any other country in the world. Over 98% of the population own cell phones. The official currency is the euro. The German government is committed to lowering carbon emissions by using renewable energy and supporting sustainable development 15 Interesting Facts About Sweden. Image source: theguardian.com . Sweden's population is 9.2 million - 85% of which is in urban areas. Stockholm is the capital and largest city, with 22% of the population living here. Swedish women average 30 years of age when having their first baby That's right, you didn't misread, here we have one thousand random and interesting facts about literally everything you could think of! Here at The Fact Site, we're celebrating our 10 th birthday, and we wanted to celebrate huge!. So we've spent months researching the biggest & best list of interesting, random facts, all for you - for free Whether you're living in the Netherlands or just visiting, learning some fun facts about the country will help you get to know it better; not to mention impress your friends at your next trivia night. So prepare to put your Dutch knowledge to the test as we share 30 facts about the Netherlands that might just surprise you. 1 Green forests, towering mountains, vast lochs and a lively culture form this spectacular country! Join us on a bonnie adventure in our facts about Scotland Facts about Scotland. Official name: Scotland, Alba. Form of government: constitutional monarchy. Capital city: Edinburgh. Largest city: Glasgow. Population: around 5.2 millio

Fun & Interesting Facts About Stockholm Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, along with being the largest city in the country. The city houses Swedish Government, the Parliament and also the official residence of the Swedish Monarch 69 Facts About New Zealand That'll Blow Your Mind. There is a bird that eats cars. From 1867 to 1927, the government planed ahead for shipwrecks by building supply-filled huts on remote islands Interesting facts about Saskatchewan. 2 years ago. North America's first social-democratic government was elected in 1944. The province's economy is based on agriculture, mining, Interesting facts about Sweden. 5 years ago. Interesting facts about Maryland. 2 years ago Interesting Facts About Sweden. 430 likes. Website. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page Following our series of interesting facts on South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, we now take a look at Canada and reveal 20 of the country's most interesting facts. 1. Canada spans 9 984 670 sq km and comprises 6 time zones. 2. Canada is home to the longest street in the world

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I was keen to learn more about the country and thus set out to gather some interesting facts about Montenegro. Here's the best of what I found. Interesting facts about Montenegro. 1. Montenegro is one of the newest countries in the world having declared its independence from Serbia on 3rd June 2006 Of course, thare are so many interesting facts about BJP. I list out some of them. 1. Controversy Over Riots and Violence BJP dragged many times in riots and violence in several states in India. Many NGOs, independent journalist, and media blamed. Also, Norway actually introduced Japan to salmon sushi in the 80s. There are many interesting facts about the country. So, here we are listing 10 interesting facts about Norway you don't know. Facts About Norway You Don't Know. 1. Norway has been ranked one in 2014 for prosperity index for wealth and well being. 2 FACT VERNMENT 2 Facts About Your Federal Government Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy. The head of our country is a monarch. Today that is Queen Elizabeth II. We have a federal government which is made up of the monarch, a Governor-General who acts in his or her place, and Parliament, which is made up of the House of Commons and the Senate

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Facts about Portugal: Government Portugal holds the record for the shortest-reigning monarch in the world. Crown Prince Luís Filipe was the King of Portugal for a grand total of 20 minutes after his father Carlos I was assassinated on 1 February 1908 Facts and information about Wales Find out about the population, climate, symbols, national anthem and more interesting facts about Wales Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Elections. 1-5 Interesting Facts About Elections 1. Ronald Reagan won in 49 out of 50 states during the 1984 United State 17 Interesting Facts about Rwanda. 17 Interesting Facts about Rwanda,Rwanda is a landlocked country in central Africa (Heart of Africa), country is also known as Land of thousand hills with land area of 26,338km 2.It lies 75 miles southward of Equator, 880 miles west of Indian Ocean, and 1,250 miles east of Atlantic Ocean

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There are 26 cantons in Switzerland, each of which acts as a state, with its own constitution, legislature, government and courts. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland, and is still based there Interesting facts about Finland. This post is part of a series of fun facts posts I'm doing for every country I have articles about here on the blog. Given their nature, these posts are research-based and even though a lot of time has gone into them, it's still possible a mistake has snuck in Interesting Facts about Tamil Nadu - visit our website now and know about interesting facts like culture, famous people, places, dance, and state symbol Interesting Facts about Australia Unique & Interesting Aussie Facts . In this section we'll cover some of the more unusual and interesting facts about Australia. The name Australia comes from the Latin Australis which means of the South Legends of Terra Australis Incognita an unknown land of the south date back to Roman times

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Find out other interesting facts about Roman government below: Facts about Roman Government 1: the constitution. The constant evolution was spotted on the constitution of Rome. The government and politics in the state were heavily affected by the unwritten set of guidelines passed from one generation to the next one Some Interesting Facts about Italy's Government. May 30, 2014, cherran, Leave a comment. European political history is fraught with dictatorships, wars and revolutions. So is the story of Italy which initially a monarchy, suffered through Marxist revolution briefly and then faced the war under a dictatorship. Italy has seen a lot of changes in government, dissolution of parliaments and as a. 11 Interesting Facts About Sweden-oYmFHIlV8CE. Rebeccaarnoldfasten. Follow. 3 years ago | 171 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 3:18. Interesting Facts about Sweden in hindi II Sweden in hindi Stockholm II Europe. Vle Sweden facts. While investigating facts about Vle Sweden, I found out little known, but curios details like:. In my opinion, it is useful to put together a list of the most interesting details from trusted sources that I've come across Sweden -Discover Interesting facts about World Lets us know how to you find this video and which facts you like the most. And also share other interesting fa..

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From Stockholm's medieval heart to its famous home furnishings store, we have compiled the top 10 facts about Sweden's laid-back capital Gallery. Emily Scrivener, 6 February, 2014. Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se . 14 islands. Stockholm is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges, and is on the central coast of eastern Sweden Start studying Six Interesting Facts About the US Government. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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17 Interesting Facts About The Netherlands Netherlands is a tiny country sandwiched between Belgium and Germany in the West of Europe. Known as the healthiest country, Netherlands is the one to discover great inventions such as the microscope, telescope, and the pendulum clock and the mercury thermometer Here's a look at 10 interesting facts about the history of public administration. It's interesting to see how far we've come and how public administration continues to develop as we deal with new challenges like the Internet and public safety. 400 B.C. Plato recognizes the separation between management and develops the concept of democracy The number of refugees seeking shelter in Sweden increases with the passing of time. Below are 10 facts about refugees in Sweden and the Swedish refugee system as it stands today. In 2015, approximately 163,000 people applied for asylum in Sweden, a country with a population of 9.8 million.; Of those who applied for refugee status in Sweden, 31 percent were of Syrian descent, 25 percent were.

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Interesting facts about Finland:- Aurora Borealis - the greatest natural light show on Earth. Image by - Juho Holmi. 34. The telecommunications company Nokia is Finnish and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of mobile phones. By the way, Mobile Phone Throwing is an official sport in Finland The UAE or United Arab Emirates is located in the Persian Gulf in the south eastern region of Arabian Peninsula. It is also called as Emirates. Here are the top ten interesting facts about UAE. UAE Flag - Photo by Abdulla Al Muhairi Interesting Facts About UAE #1: Racing with Horses Meydan Racecourse - Photo by Royalt The government automatically registers voters when they're eligible—in France, that's as soon as people turn 18. Sweden relies on tax registries to create lists of eligible citizens. 4 Now, here are 10 more fun facts you may not know about the history of government shutdowns in America: 1. Since 1976, the government has shut down a total of 18 times 22 fun facts about Greenland On a Greenland cruise with Hurtigruten, voyagers will get an authentic experience with the ancient culture and stunning wildlife. In a land dominated by ice sheets, there are limitless natural attractions. Check out these fascinating facts about the world's largest island

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15 Interesting Facts and Figures About the U.S. Constitution Jeff Bogle Updated: Jan. 11, 2020 There's more to the U.S. Constitution than the Bill of Rights—there's the original document plus a. Interesting Facts About the U.S. Constitution. The United States Constitution was the first official document to establish basic rights and laws for American citizens. Learn more about is fascinating history, including how it came to be and the impact it has had on American citizens since its ratification Want to learn some interesting facts about the countries of South America? Take a look at these 19 interesting and fun facts about French Guiana. French Guiana is a French Overseas Territory on the northeast coast of South America. It is bordered by Brazil to the east and south, and Suriname to the west This article was posted on Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 at 9:30 am and is filed under Other News, Peru in the World.. There are so many interesting facts about Peru that it will make you dizzy. It's history, animals, and even soccer players like Paolo Guerrero are worth learning. But here are some interesting facts about Peru and its government that will make you want to see it for yourself

One of the most interesting facts about Canada you should know is that while mapping earth's gravity fields in 1960s, scientists stumbled upon an unusual fact, that in Canada's Husdon Bay area, where a person weighing about 150-lb feels one tenth of an ounce of less pressure This interesting fact is also one of the few things about Iceland that's not very idyllic. Before the Vikings plundered Iceland, 40 percent of the nation was covered in trees. However, they needed all the trees to build homes, boats, and to clear land for farming. Now, that number is only 2 percent, although reforestation efforts are underway Thinking about visiting the Swedish capital? To make your trip more interesting and meaningful, Travel on Spot here presents 10 interesting facts about the city. 1. The Swedish capital is situated on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges. Therefore, no matter where you happen to find yourself, water will be close by. Stockholm has 96 beaches Here are 145 weird, fun & just plain interesting facts about Canada in honour of her 145th birthday on July 1st. Facts cover geography, people, food & more 25 Interesting Facts On India That You Had No Idea About. Akarsh Mehrotra. 14 shares | 1534392 views India is, the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history. An interesting fact about Bahamas is that it is the sixth most expensive country to live in, according to Numbeo's Cost of Living Index 2020. Numbeo's database takes user-contributed data about the costs of transportation, clothing, leisure activities, utilities, markets, and rent and ranks countries and cities in order of cost of living

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